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Silicon Stratus® is a "Quick Start & Go" enterprise resource planning software.

His major strengths are : full web access, ease of use, high level of customization and wide business coverage.
Born from our skills acquired through the making of ERP Silicon Master®, Silicon Stratus® is a completely new ERP featuring new technology. The software runs on a  64bits server, supports all major web browsers and is designed for quick start-up and easy customization.

Silicon Stratus® includes sale and supply chain, project management, Just In Time scheduling, HR management, CRM, multi-warehouses and document management. Manufacturing will be available soon. Silicon Stratus™ is available in two versions : Silicon Stratus Desktop™ which is the full version and Silicon Stratus Pocket™ that gives an overview of business activity and follow-up.
You can use it from the Cloud and adopt a monthly rental plan, or have it installed on your servers.

For the extended version of the ERP (Desktop Client Windows or Cloud), please take a look at the Silicon Master® page. 

Stunning features for growing businesses

  • Designed for operators on the move

    Silicon Stratus Pocket is a distinct product dedicated to mobile activity.
    Register times, get an overview of sales,  follow up on opportunities.

  • Silicon Stratus®, notifications included

    Be proactive and secure your business management.
    Formulate complex rules to notify, inform or alert  users and partners by email.

  • User-friendly

    Modify the displayed information easily with the integrated layout designer.

  • High technology for the Web

    64bits and IIS server design
    Distributed back processing during peaks of activity
    Compatible with all major web browsers.

  • Cross-mode with Silicon Master®

    Real-time connection to Silicon Master®
    Open up your local topology to a wide world of business activities.


Silicon Stratus® is a web-based ERP covering all major business requirements with a quick start & go setup. Using a high technology layer, Silicon Stratus® operates with HTML 5 specifications

  • Sales Chain

    A comprehensive business sales chain management: quotes/orders/deliveries/invoices. Includes industrial contract management, master plan,  forecasted orders and XML EDI, packing, customer returns, exchanges, transport, picking. 

  • Purchase Chain

    A comprehensive business purchase chain management: price requests/orders/receptions/invoices. Includes contract management, master plan,  forecasted orders, XML EDI , picking, sub-contracting , RMA management, batch and SN management. Catalogue prices, supplier prices, many customizable pricing rules.

  • Warehouse Stock

    Warehouse stock management: multi-warehouses, multi-plants (sites), multi-location (random), batch and SN management, pack qualification, declassification process, product reservation, integrated barcode management -labelling and mobile scanning.

  • XRM, extended CRM

    Organizing management and staff: set up networks and use multi-resources. Centralized management of agendas, appointments, actions, tasks and workflows. Integrate it all with all ERP data. Real-time synchronization with Kerio, Google Agenda, MS Outlook and MS Exchange.

  • Trakker, Project Management

    A revolutionary concept for companies "tailored for ordering" and service enterprises!  Define your budget, use modeling, conduct production estimates and follow-ups, analyze the business, projects, construction sites and activities (purchases, supplies, estimated costs, planned tasks,...).

  • Park, CMMS Management

    Manage the after-sales department and/or the maintenance department (GMAO). Integrated in the ERP, it offers curative and preventive maintenance, contracts, product substitution, hiring, interventions history, failures reports...

  • Manufacturing

    GPAO, MRP and JIT concepts have been rethought for an optimized Just In Time production, materials traceability, real-time needs calculation, registering times with barcode, serial production, coupled production, master production plan, planning set to counter the "domino effect"... 

  • MRP II and Just-in-Time Engine

     Real-time time vectors calculation, true Just InTime (JIT) planning engine, dynamic purchase and manufacturing offers. Process master consumption and forecasts plans ...

  • Doc Manager

    Combine all types of documents with ERP data, open linked documents from the Silicon Master software, manage templates for absorbing mails and documents.

  • Notification and dashboarding

    Make automated process survey on your activity with the proactive notification service. Improve your management with top-bottom dynamic graphic views of your activity flow.

Discover how to manage you company in the Cloud with
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Available in 2 versions

  • Silicon Stratus Desktop

    Adapted to the latest technology wide screens & conventional desktops

  • Silicon Stratus Mobile

    Adapted to small size tablets & smartphones

  • ERP Silicon Master
  • App Iphone

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