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Silicon Stratus is a global         "Quick Start & Go" business management software, ERP.

His major strengths are : full web access, ease of use, high level of customization and wide business coverage.
Born from our skills acquired through the making of ERP Silicon Master, Silicon Stratus is a completely new ERP featuring new technology. The software runs on a  64bits server, supports all major web browsers and is designed for quick start-up and easy customization.

Silicon Stratus™ includes sale and supply chain, project management, just-in-time scheduling, HRM management, CRM, multi-warehouse and document management. Manufacturing will be available soon. Silicon Stratus™ is available in two versions : Silicon Stratus Desktop™ that is the full version and Silicon Stratus Pocket™ that gives an overview of business activity and follow-up.
You can use it from a cloud, adopting a monthly rental plan, or have it installed on your servers.

For a full High Level ERP (classical MS Windows or Cloud) , Silicon Master™, our alternate or cross-connected ERP Software is the solution.

Stunning features for growing businesses

  • Designed for mobile operators

    Silicon Stratus Pocket is a distinct product dedicated to mobile activity.
    Register times on a project, get an overview of sales team.
    Follow up on opportunities.

  • Silicon Stratus, notification server included.

    Be proactive and secure your business management.
    Formulate complex rules to notify, inform or alert  users and partners by email.

  • User-friendly screen layout editing.

    Modify the displayed information easily with the integrated layout designer.

  • High technology for the Web.

    Designed for 64bits and IIS server.
    Distributed back processing during peaks of activity
    Compliant with all major web browsers.

  • Cross-mode with Silicon Master.

    Real-time connection to Silicon Master™ ERP
    Open up your local topology to a wide world of business activities.


Silicon Stratus is a web-based ERP covering all major business requirements with a quick start & go setup. Using a high technology layer, Silicon Stratus operates with HTML 5 specifications

  • Sales Chain

    A comprehensive business sales chain. Quotes/orders/deliveries/invoices. Includes contract management, master plan,  forecasted orders, XML EDI , pick & pack,  RMA management, packing, batch and S/N management. Catalogue prices, customer prices, many customizable pricing rules. Live connection to major e-commerce applications.

  • Purchase Chain

    A comprehensive business purchase chain. Price requests/orders/receptions/invoice approval. Includes contract management, master plan,  forecasted orders, XML EDI , picking, sub-contracting , RMA management, batch and S/N management. Catalogue prices, supplier prices, many customizable pricing rules.

  • Warehouse Stock

    Multi-warehouses, multi-plants (sites), multi-location (randomize), batch and S/N management, pack qualification, declassification process, product reservation, integrated barcode management : labelling and mobile scanning.

  • XRM, extended CRM

    Drive your opportunities home and establish high quality relationships then turn them into actual sales.  Never forget a contact and follow up on activities.  Manage visit reports and exploit them.  Integrated in the ERP, it allows you to manage all sales targets online.  Synchronize with Exchange or Google Agenda.

  • Trakker, Project Management

    The ultimate project engine and management tool, "tailored for ordering".  Structure your project on many levels.  Define your budget, and realization steps, place your purchases at the right moment.  Register times on an industrial touchscreen tablet and follow-up on your projects with real-time Gantt charts encompassing critical paths identified after survey.

  • Park, CMMS Management

    Manage the after-sales department and/or the maintenance department. Integrated in the ERP, it offers curative and preventive maintenance, contracts, product substitution, hiring, interventions background, failures reports.

  • Manufacturing

    MRP I and II, JIT concepts have been rethought for an optimized just-in-time production management.  Calculate the needs in real-time, register times and activities on an industrial touchscreen tablet.  Define or use a master production plan.  Organize your activities on a real-time Gantt chart for machines, work centres and workers.  Finite and infinite capacity setup.

  • MRP II and Just-in-Time Engine

    Manage forecasts. Planning means organizing the future for a more efficient present. Real-time predictive time vectors, true Just-in-Time (JIT) planning engine, dynamic purchase and manufacturing offers. Process master consumption and forecasts plans ...

  • Doc Manager

    Office automation integrated into your management system. Combine all types of documents with ERP data, open linked documents from the Silicon Master software, manage templates for absorbing mails and documents.

  • Notification and dashboarding

    Make automated process survey on your activity with the proactive notification service. Improve your management with top-bottom dynamic graphic views of your activity flow.

Discover how to manage you company in the Cloud with
Silicon Stratus™ - On Preview Now !

Available in 2 versions

  • Silicon Stratus Desktop

    Adapted to the latest technology wide screens & conventional desktops

  • Silicon Stratus Mobile

    Adapted to small size tablets & smartphones

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