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with the power of ERP


Silicon MasterTM  is a global business management ERP software offering a ton of features for all sectors & industries.

Silicon Master™ is a global business management software, called ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning.  Its major strengths are : ease of use, high level of customization and wide business coverage. Since 1989, this software has seen its functionalities being continuously improved so as to bring our customers new ways of doing business. New releases are issued each year that present up-to-date technologies and new business modules.

Silicon Master™ introduces manufacturing management, project management, just-in-time scheduling, HRM management, CRM, multi-warehouses, and document management among others. This software is open to the IT world thanks to MS office integration, MS Exchange synchronization, PDF management, document scanning and sorting, access to Google Agenda and Maps. Available in : English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Polish. We are at your side, everywhere around the world.

Silicon Master™ exists in two different technologies :

Silicon Master™, available on server, from a classical local MS Windows

Silicon Master 365™, in full web HTML form, accessible from the Cloud


For a ‘quick start & go ERP’ check out our second major product line Silicon Stratus

Stunning features to growing business

  • Wide business coverage

    Manufacturing, CMMS management, CRM, Project, HRM
    Integration for all processes.

  • Be up-to-date

    Each year, the new release brings you the latest business practices.

  • Integrated planning 

    Batch, project or process model, Gantt chart, finite/infinite capacity, machine allocation, JIT, scoring for automated decision.

  • Live from the shop floor

    Scanner for picking, pick and pack, follow-up
    Tactile point of warehouse and instant labelling.

  • The quality management solution

    Used in aeronautic, cosmetics, the medical field , food
    traceability operations, quarantine processes, notifications processes, data logging.

  • Machine-to-machine ready

    Launch dialogues with your business partners' ERP as well as with e-commerces.


Silicon Master and Silicon Master 365 refer to an ERP meeting all major business requirements with a high level of customization. Available in a classical local MS Windows environment or as a full web based HTML5 form. 

Main solutions

  • Trade Manager–Sale

    A comprehensive business sales chain. Quotes/orders/deliveries/invoices. Includes contract management, master plan,  forecasted orders, XML EDI , pick & pack,  RMA management, packing, batch and S/N management. Catalogue prices, customer prices, many customizable pricing rules. Live connection to major e-commerce applications. 

  • Trade Manager–Purchases

    A comprehensive business purchase chain. Price requests/orders/receptions/invoice approval. Includes contract management, master plan,  forecasted orders, XML EDI , picking, sub-contracting , RMA management, batch and S/N management. Catalogue prices, supplier prices, many customizable pricing rules.

  • Trade Manager-Carrier

    Schedule tours, pre-fill and sort deliveries, order transports...

  • Stock Manager

    Multi-warehouses, multi-plants (sites), multi-location (randomize), batch and S/N management, pack qualification, declassification process, product reservation, integrated barcode management : labelling and mobile scanning.

  • Trakker

    The ultimate project engine and management tool, "tailored for ordering".  Structure your project on many levels.  Define your budget, and realization steps, place your purchases at the right moment.  Register times on an industrial touchscreen tablet and follow-up on your projects with real-time Gantt charts encompassing critical paths identified after survey.

  • Product manager

    MRP I and II, JIT concepts have been rethought for an optimized just-in-time production management.  Calculate the needs in real-time, register times and activities on an industrial touchscreen tablet.  Define or use a master production plan.  Organize your activities on a real-time Gantt chart for machines, work centres and workers.  Finite and infinite capacity setup. 

  • Doc manager

    Office automation integrated into your management system. Combine all types of documents with ERP data, open linked documents from the Silicon Master software, manage templates for absorbing mails and documents.

  • XRM (extended CRM)

    Drive your opportunities home and establish high quality relationships then turn them into actual sales.  Never forget a contact and follow up on activities.  Manage visit reports and exploit them.  Integrated in the ERP, it allows you to manage all sales targets online.  Synchronize with Exchange or Google Agenda.

  • Marketing manager

    Organize your markets and sales forces dynamically. Information and visits reports, information campaigns, profiles selection, all integrated into the ERP, next to all the information available. 

  • Parc Manager

    Manage the after-sales department and/or the maintenance department. Integrated in the ERP, it offers curative and preventive maintenance, contracts, product substitution, hiring, interventions background, failures reports.

  • Silicon Financial

    Integrated accounting and finance modules. Make accounting plans, use  analytical multi-axis, link to banks, manage tied- up capital. Process accounts dynamically with a visual. Adapted to many legal intricacies of the Benelux and other European countries... 

  • Flex Builder

    Offers multiple and infinite variations of products in a systematic, assessed, calculated and dimensioned way. Manage the online configuration of articles, bill of materials, ranges and prices via a structured sequence, questions, answers, obligations, alternatives and options reaching multiple levels ...

  • Plan Manager

    Manage forecasts. Planning means organizing the future for a more efficient present. Real-time predictive time vectors, true Just-in-Time (JIT) planning engine, dynamic purchase and manufacturing offers. Process master consumption and forecasts plans ...

  • Quality Manager

    Manage non-conformities, improvement requests, waivers (derogation) requests, corrective and curative actions, establish links with the centralized agenda and all ERP documents.

  • Control Manager

    Manage control routings on routing steps. AQL, SPC measurements, maintenance and calibration of instruments. Real-time links to metrology devices.

  • Atwork

    Use biometric or card clocking. Manage attendance periods, teams, schedules, holidays and sick leaves. Process all data necessary to establish paychecks and create links to your national social or employment agency.

  • Education manager

    An exhaustive tool to manage trainings : supervise the teaching staff and the students, plan trainings, record attendance and oversee the exams and degrees/certifications.

  • Rent Manager

    Designed to manage machines and rentals businesses. Schedule reservations, make quotes with precisely defined rental prices, calculate use over cost, check availability, generate monthly batch invoicing with indexed prices for rentals in progress. 

  • Holding Interco Manager

    Manage operational processes between companies automatically. Reduce the administrative burden that comes with multi-companies structures.

More Modules

Accounting tools

  • Financial transaction link

    Look at transactions, inject data from the ERP and collect accounting information. Keep an eye on sales, supply chains, stock variations, WIP variations (open projects and open productions), build a link to the cash desk, choose a periodical approach. Approve invoices, check the balance on invoices. Real-time credit control. Compatible with major accounting softwares only.

  • Financial link

    Send sales and supply documents to external  accounting bureaus. Compatibility links to numerous accounting softwares. Link can be established to unforeseen software at a low implementation cost.

Web-based solutions & integration

  • Magento Bridge

    A platform that thinks out of the box to open your e-commerce to the world. Manage products, images, data sheets, price lists and discount grids directly from Silicon Master. Forge an interactive process using quotes and orders. Send your customers frequent follow-up notifications.

  • Silicon XML Bridger

    An XML engine creating overpasses between your business and your B2B customers and suppliers. Secure customer orders, send supplier orders. Address confirmations, collect delivery instructions, dispatch delivery recommendations, send  and receive invoices and stock information. 

  • Holding Bridge

    Cut out on the administrative burden thanks to this engine. Generate mirror sales / supply documents. Cross front company. Publish stock information and availability to partner companies.

Barcoding - Touch screen and mobile solutions

  • Shop floor manager

    Clock multiple activities in real-time, oversee real-time manufacturing and manufacturing backflush, circulate manufactured goods, label products, access documents online.

  • Label Maker

    Real-time labelling for an optimal follow-up flow on goods . Indispensible when managing by batch or serial number, in multi-warehouses as well as isolated locations. Designed for industrial labelling machines. 

  • Liberty Scan

    Read time flows and manage them thanks to mobile scanners with wifi connections. Modular and interactive systems. Inventory, picking, pick-up, pick and pack, transfers between warehouses, products information, circulation of manufacturing goods.

  • Silicon Co-worker

    Made for android embedded tablets. Operators receive their missions on a tablet, together with all the needed additional documentation. Throughout the day, operators register their activities : clocking tasks, managing mobile warehouses, taking pictures, filling-in special forms and presenting ready-to-sign service reports to customers.

Business intelligence – Dashboarding – Office live access and plug-in

  • Silicon Notify

    Oversee your activity and set up your own alarms. Send notification e-mails with information attached, add tasks to the XRM system to ensure a good activity flow.

  • Silicon Dashboarding

    Get a graphical overview of your business. Integrated OLAP cube engine. Integrated dashboarding engine.

  • XLS Fusion

    This plug-in creates an access to MS Excel inside Silicon Master. Select any kind of data (customer, product, document) with dialogues. Get a live acces to data (stocks, orders).

  • Office Doc Builder

    Quotes can be complex. MS Word represent today's best solution when it comes to quotes drafting. Give your quotes system an upgrade and let us fill-in MS Word template forms for you. 

  • QLIKView / Sense Bridge

    Get an innovative bridge for Silicon Master, build a dynamic graphical overview and original navigation. Exploit the power of numbers.

  • Plug-inside

    Insert your own calculations or methodology into the ERP, where relevant or connect to a third-party software. 

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