Due to its extended features, Silicon Master is running accross a wide range of sectors.
Our innovation center pays attention to all calls for improvement from customers and new businesses on the rise.
Take a look at our ample coverage of all the sectors listed.

Eutronix exploits Silicon Master at the international level

Created in 1991, Eutronix is a Belgian company that specializes in service and distribution of electronic solutions for chain of sales and point of sales automation.

Counting 40 employees, Eutronix’ turnover amounts up to about 20 million euros. The ‘front office’ and ‘back office’ solutions offered by the company cover a wide range of sectors of the economy : points of sales, logistics, access control, industry, public transportation, payment systems… Active in the Benelux and France, Eutronics also participates in undertakings in Asia and Switzerland

 « To us, Silicon Master seemed like the most advanced product. Also, even if some features weren’t supported yet, we could see that the editor, Silicon Brain, showed a real will to provide a solution » explains Dennis Verstraeten, Chief Executive, Eutronix.

Silicon Master pilots KitoZyme into new markets

Launched in 2000, KitoZyme is a former spin-off of the Liège University that produces chitosan. That substance is used to manufacture ‘slimming’ products.

KitoZyme designs, manufactures and markets medical devices, food supplements and oenological ingredients from non-animal chitosan and chitin-glucan.

When Kitozyme adopted Silicon Master, the executives’ wish was to anticipate the launch of chitosan and to forecast future needs, operational as well as commercial. « We had a very conceptual business plan, typical for a start-up.  Silicon Master distinguishes itself through a flexibility of configuration like no others. However, the software does not demand the usual customization that would require equally customized -and proportionally expensive- updates » believes Vincent Marville, Plant Manager at Kitozyme.

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