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Silicon Brain - ERP Software Company

Silicon Brain has been developing ERP softwares for business management since 1998.

One of our main goals was to offer long-term continuous upgrades to keep our customers and their businesses at the top of their game. Since the beginnings, more than 10 major technology jumps have been achieved, for one software product line only. And today, the rythm is speeding up.

To meet today's challenge, Silicon Brain works with an innovation and development center located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our ERP Software  Silicon Master ® embraces all the main features businesses may require, including manufacturing, project management, CRM, HR management, mobile solutions, and quality management. Users can customize screen layouts, modify queries and add plug-ins to adapt and fine tune their internal processes.

Available in 7 languages, Silicon Brain offers solutions that will help you develop your growing business. It is designed  for professionals who want a tool to steadily improve their information flow, management and performance needs. 

Wishing to establish successful long-term and dynamic relationships with our final customers, we decided that only selected dealers would be entitled to install and provide first level support. 



Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, Silicon Master®

Silicon Master® is an enterprise resource planning software, called an ERP. Its major strengths are : ease of use, high level of customization and wide business coverage.
Since 1998, this ERP's functionalities have been continuously improved so as to bring our customers new ways of doing business. New releases are issued each year that present up-to-date technologies and new business modules. Silicon Master® introduces manufacturing management (GPAO), maintenance management (CMMS), stock management, project management, Just In Time scheduling, HR management, CRM, multi-warehouses, and document management among others.

Silicon Master® is hyperconnected thanks to MS office integration, MS Exchange synchronization, PDF management, document scanning and sorting as well as access to Google Agenda and Maps. Available in : English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Polish. We are at your side, always.

Silicon Master® exists in two different technologies : Desktop Client Windows and full web HTML form, accessible from the Cloud.


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Available in 2 versions

  • Silicon Stratus Desktop

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  • Silicon Stratus Mobile

    Adapted to small size tablets & smartphones

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