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Silicon Brain is a publisher of standard software package for global management of companies. The suite called "Silicon Master" is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which makes it possible to manage all services of a company : logistics and commercial management (business supply chain and sales chain; stock and warehouse management), production, project, dossier, affair follow-up, maintenance, after-sales service, multi-warehouse and localization stock management (WMS) ,batch, serial number, traceability, document management , marketing, ... Standard equipped with a MRP (Materials and Manufacturing requirements planning) engine, a CRP (Capacity requirements planning) engine, a JIT (Just in Time) engine and a MPS (master production schedule) engine, the package generates automatically the purchase, production, maintenance and service proposals and orders. Interactive sessions present interactive Gantt charts in real time with load and finite of infinite capacity diagrams. It also manages PERT planning. The package runs on Windows with a client/server database type (2-tier and 3-tier). It includes standard interfaces for barcode for the products follow-up and for the registering times on operations. It is interfaced with the leader tool in reporting and data analysis (EIS) : " Crystal Reports ". The BOM (bills of materials) and routings management is very powerful: No levels limit, mathematical formulations (conditional BOMs and routings ), versions and revisions management on two levels (ISO design and validation procedure, advanced products configurator) . The ERP package is suited for small and medium-sized enterprises and the provided interface is multilingual (french, dutch, english, german).



Silicon Master 365

Stunning surprise for the Silicon Master community! Silicon Master will be available soon in a fully HTML 5 web ...
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